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Cool Tools You'll Use to Better Serve Consumers

Date: Monday, May 10, 2021 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: Virtual
Instructors - Speakers: Tina Wilcher
Course Type: CE
Credits: 1 hr CE
Format: Zoom
Deadline: 05/06/2021
Member Price: $10.00
Non-Member Price: $10.00

CE hours: 1

Cost: $10 - MUST REGISTER BY 05/06/2021.  NO refunds after 04/26/2021


Every year agents spend millions of dollars on lead generation tools with little or no return. Based upon the latest NAR research, participants will learn which tools are the must haves they will use every day plus the latest apps that can streamline their business and provide consumers with a better customer experience. This session will be updated with the most recent technology and apps so participants can stay on the cutting edge of what works. The last part of the session asks participants to share their favorite apps and how they use them to better serve their buyers and sellers.

This course will provide the licensee with insight into emerging technology platforms and lead generation systems. In addition, the licensee will gain knowledge of the best lead management and conversion models producing the industry's most successful results.


Instructor: Tina Wilcher

Course: #38118


Location: Zoom

Zoom: **Participants agree to arrive early and remain on camera while class is in session and will keep the camera in a stable and unchanging position.  Students will not engage in distracting or unsafe behavior while in class including, but not limited to, driving!  If participants engage in this type of behavior they will be removed from the class and will not receive credit.


Rapattoni Class ID: 2105COOL

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