How Appraisals Affect Your Transactions

Date: Monday, December 04, 2017 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Duration: 2 Hours
Location: Back Classroom
Instructors - Speakers: Candy Cooke
Course Type: CE
Credits: 2 hrs CE
Format: Broadcast
Deadline: 11/29/17
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Non-Member Price: $20; add $10 after 11/24

How Appraisals Affect Your Transactions

CE hours: 2

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The goal of this course is to equip real estate professionals with pertinent information to enable them to clearly understand the impact of a property appraisal on a real estate transaction. How to explain appraisals to clients whether it’s for listing or making offers. Time will be spent on actual CMA's and discussing possible outcomes. In this course the real estate professional will learn and become more comfortable with the process of selecting appropriate property comparisons; how to make adjustments and where to go for quality information to ensure the most accurate assessment when calculating adjustments. The course will provide information that can be used in day-to-day scenarios and better assist clients.

The license holder will gain understanding about current appraisal processes and learn how the CFPB and Dodd Frank Act will affect the real estate process including appraisals. This will help the real estate license holder improve their skills in creating accurate property valuations, reducing risk, and applying alternative valuation methods to properties under consideration while remaining within the CFPB/Dodd Frank Act guidelines. With the understanding of current trends, they will be able to better serve their clients by providing education and setting proper expectations.

Instructor: Candy Cooke, #2673

This is an interactive broadcast course, meaning participants in multiple locations will see, hear, and even speak with each other and the instructor. Contact the course host for more information.

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